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“Many families have overview because of bizzyboard!”

Wouldn't it be great if everyone in your family, even the toddlers, could see what was planned for the day, when Gran would be visiting, when you had ice-cream on the menu or family day on the beach? It would, wouldn't it?

It would save a lot of time answering questions and bring peace to the busy schedules of young modern families. This weeklyplanner, bizzyboard, provides an overview of the entire family's agenda for the week. Everyone can see exactly what is happening during the week ahead.

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Why you should use bizzyboard

Bizzyboard gives you peace of mind and a complete overview of the week. The entire family’s activities are available at a glance.
Bizzyboard makes it easy for children to keep track of time and helps them learn the days of the week.

Thanks to the distinctive Bizzyboard pictograms, even young children can see what activities await them every day. Children know when they are due to go to day care, and when dad and/or mom are at home, when grandma or the babysitter will be there.
Bizzyboard will restore the peace, offering everyone a clear overview of the family’s schedule, disappointment and tantrums will be prevented.
As it is clear who may do what when, there will be fewer arguments and fewer fights (computer, TV, Playstation).

Children will love Bizzyboard; the colourful and playful magnets are easy and fun to work with. They can also add their own text. And, you can keep your to do list, shopping list and important phone numbers easily available. With some creativity, you can create a reward system. A specially designed set of magnets can be ordered for this.
Bizzyboard encourages responsibility for tasks. Tasks can also be shared or swapped fairly if someone is very busy. The children can take responsibility for their own schoolwork, etc.
Bizzyboard ultimately increases the togetherness and involvement in the family: everyone can see what the rest of the family are doing. Free time can be used effectively and children may be more understanding of a busy parent, allowing more time for fun and creating a positive ‘vibe’ within the family. You can reward your children CONSTRUCTIVELY when it appears that this system works well.

What others say...

Emmeliek Boost

Emmeliek Boost of the Parenting Consultancy "de Opvoeddesk" says: "bizzyboard is more than a handy organiser for the whole family! Children are now actively involved, they:
  • Plan and remember their appointments
  • Are aware of each other's busy schedules
  • Can see when somebody will be home or who is babysitting
  • Take responsibility for their homework and tasks
  • Share chores and jobs equally among each other
  • Have less arguments about who, when or what may!
  • Get more spontaneous compliments
  • Help find solutions to tricky situations
  • It improves their independence and their self-confidence!

What others say :

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